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Get the home of your dreams now by working with our friendly renovation professionals! Whether you seek a spacious kitchen, tasteful living room, wonderful bathroom, innovatively furnished reading room, comfortable bedroom, electrical wiring service, eaves, fascia, deck, & fence upgrade, roofing and insulation services or a complete renovation, we make everything possible for you — all at low renovation costs. Each and every home renovation package is customized for you, turning your dreams into reality.

What You Need To Know About Us

RonOvations offers home renovation services which enable homeowners in Winnipeg Manitoba Canada, to transform their homes into more attractive, comfortable, and functional living spaces. Whether you require home improvement services out of necessity – for instance, if a storm has caused your roof to leak – or you simply want to make your home more enjoyable for you and your family – perhaps with a kitchen remodeling upgrade or one of our home additions – we will complete this important work with “craftsmanship you can trust.”
At RonOvations, we have always considered customer service the cornerstone of our business. Rooted in our faith, we treat our clients the way we’d want to be treated, and this means demonstrating absolute attention, trust, quality, and integrity while we work on their homes. Therefore, our well-trained personnel will go to great lengths to make the renovation process as pleasant and rewarding as possible for you.
At your in-home consultation, your project manager will gladly inspect your entire home and provide you with a valuable professional assessment of your property. Because we understand what this project means to you, both financially and in terms of how a custom home renovation can potentially increase your quality of life, we will work closely with you to develop a custom design for the space you want to renovate, ensuring that it will perfectly suit your needs and tastes.
Start your renovation journey with us, as we will get back to you with all you need to know about home renovation. Right from the optimal home renovation packages, rates and quotations to ratings and reviews¸ we enable you to make an easy selection of the best package.


Get in touch with us, as we analyze your requirements and decide which renovation package best suits your needs. Our renovation services are not strenuous, but creative, as we come up with excellent ideas for home renovation needs, creating a beautiful yet practical reality.
All you need to do is provide your property information, renovation details and submit your request to us. We will find the ideal design to suit your requirements. With our quotes, you will easily be able to estimate renovation costs and the required financial structures, thus simplifying the process of enhancing your lifestyle. Send in your inquiry now for an easy and effortless renovation process.
We look forward to providing you with the best renovation service!

OUR Services

RonOvations is a general renovation contractor in Winnipeg Manitoba Canada. We offer general contractor work including roofing, kitchen and bathroom repairs, electrical repairs, plumbing services, eaves, soffit, facia upgrade, drywall & insulation services, fences & decks and lot more. We can do just about anything you need to be done in your home for improvements or repairs. Below is an overview of the services we render to homeowners in Winnipeg Manitoba Canada:


if you suspect you need a roof repair, have the roofing experts at RonOvations come inspect the problem.

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RonOvations can give your residence in Winnipeg Manitoba Canada the beautiful appearance you’ve always wanted it to have.

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Soffit, Fascia and Eaves

The intent of a roof repair is to extend the life of your existing roof. If repairs are not handled in a timely manner, nor handled correctly

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Kitchen and Bath

If you have a bathroom or kitchen renovation project in mind for your home in Winnipeg Manitoba Canada and

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Our reputation as one of the best electricians in Canada is maintained by guaranteeing on-time service and upfront

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Nothing enhances the value and appeal of your outdoor living space like a beautifully crafted, custom deck or fence.

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RonOvations renders an excellent service at all types of insulation – fiberglass, cellulose, spray foam, air barriers, dense packing

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RonOvations has fully trained and certified technicians who are genuinely passionate about helping countless residents

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