What are the company’s business hours?

Our office is open between 8 am and 5pm; Monday through Friday. You may contact us at 204-396-4143, or online at:info@ronovations.ca 


What services can I obtain from RonOvations?

RonOvations is a general renovation contractor in Winnipeg . We offer general contractor work including roofing, kitchen and bathroom repairs, electrical repairs, plumbing services, eaves, soffit, facia upgrade, drywall & insulation services, fences & decks and lot more. We can do just about anything you need to be done in your home for improvements or repairs.


Does RonOvations provide free estimates?

Yes, you can contact one of our customer service representatives at 204-396-4143 to request an estimate, or fill out our estimate form online.


What kind of warranty does RonOvations provide?

RonOvations warrants its workmanship for 5 years on residential roof installations, five years on commercial roof replacement and aluminum work. As manufacturer certified installers, enhanced labour and material warranties are available. RonOvations is known for honouring their warranties.


Does RonOvations have an emergency roof repair service?

Yes, you can call us at 204-396-4143 for emergency roof repair seven days a week – and feel confident you will get a call back because we have a dedicated roofing repair department.


I have roof wind damage. Does RonOvations do storm damage roofing and provide services  such as replace missing roof shingles?

Yes,RonOvations can handle roof wind damage, replace missing shingles and repair broken shingles.


Does RonOvations provide inspection reports?

RonOvations can supply detailed reports for residential and commercial clients for such purposes as property purchase, budget requirements and maintenance planning. Fees are based on the nature of the assignment.


What is the average service life of a sloped roof?

Service life varies, depending on weather conditions, the quality of the roofing product, and/or quality of installation.


Is it possible to extend the life of a roof?

Yes, regular repair and maintenance can extend the service life of a roof.


Can roofs be replaced in the winter?

Both flat roofs and shingles can be installed in the winter. However, roofing work cannot proceed under certain conditions (such as extreme temperatures and inclement weather; when we cannot work safely or comfortably.

Some customers choose to start roofing projects during milder winter conditions because there is an urgent need for replacement, or because they want the work done before spring rains arrive.

Other homeowners actually prefer to have roofing done in the winter because they don’t use their gardens at that time. They also prefer to have work done when landscaping is dormant and there is less chance of plant damage.

Flat roofs are easier to take off in winter weather because asphalt is more solid in cold temperatures. In addition, the potential risk of water infiltration during the re-roofing process is minimized, because it typically doesn’t rain in the winter.

Here is something else you should know—over the last few years, roofing material prices have gone up about 10% in the spring. Order in the winter and you will get winter prices – even if your roof can’t be installed until the spring!


Is it true that a homeowner or building owner could be held liable if an uninsured roofer is injured while working on their property?

Yes, if an uninsured roofer is injured on your property, you could be held legally responsible.

RonOvations professionals are fully insured, plus the chance of an accident is much reduced by our emphasis on safety – just two more reasons why it pays to choose us; for all of your residential and commercial roofing and building envelope needs.


Is it true that a homeowner or building owner could be held liable if there is illegal dumping of their roofing waste?

Yes, both the roofer and the owner could be held liable; if there is illegal dumping of roofing waste. When you engage RonOvations, you have the peace of mind that comes with knowing we deal with reputable waste management suppliers and all debris goes to government-approved facilities.


What kind of service can I expect from Avenue Road Roofing?

………Read what our customers have to say.


How do you ensure a finished job meets the customer’s expectations?

Experienced field supervisors are responsible for checking that all work is completed to superior standards. This extends to project cleanup. Our project coordinator follows up at conclusion of each job to ensure your satisfaction


If you have more questions, please feel free to call

RonOvations at 204-396-4143or fill out our contact form.