If you suspect you need a roof repair, have the roofing experts at RonOvations come to inspect the problem. It can be difficult to fully identify roof damage since it is not always readily apparent, but our certified professionals have the expertise needed to locate signs of roof damage caused by age, wear, or a storm. Some common signs of damage that we look for include:

    Buckling and curling
    Indoor ceiling stains
    Missing granules
    Algae spots etc.

Because even small problems with your roof in Winnipeg Manitoba Canada can have big consequences, it is important to promptly address any damage that has occurred. Fortunately, you can rest assured that our team can identify and fix problems with virtually any type of roof, whether it is made of asphalt shingles, shake, or metal. However, known for having a rare level of honesty in an industry that includes many fly-by-night businesses, we will never recommend a roof repair that isn’t necessary.
If we determine that your roof is beyond repair, we can explain your options for roof replacement. As part of our focus on educating our clients and providing them with Best/Better/Good upgrades to choose from, we can help you compare the advantages of the many different types of roofs that we install, so you can make an informed investment.
Proper installation is critical to maximizing commercial roof performance, and quality workmanship makes a difference. Our installers have achieved a 100%-quality installation approval for several commercial roofs and we have a pool of well-trained workers who have been on various sites over the years. They are crafted in the interpretation of drawings and construction of various kinds of roofs. We lay emphasis on the latest technologies, new products and also find the most practical solutions to business and job-related problems. Our partnership with roofing materials manufacturers gives us the edge to provide suitable, waterproof, cost-effective, safe, durable roofing solution and maintenance services to our clients. We can come in at the initial stage (Roof design stage) or at the final stage (Roof installation stage).
We are an A+ rated business that proudly serves homeowners in Winnipeg Manitoba Canada, to discuss your roof repairs and renovation needs, contact us today and schedule a home consultation.

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