RonOvations can give your residence in Winnipeg Manitoba Canada the beautiful appearance you’ve always wanted it to have. You will get to choose from many siding styles and colors to create virtually any aesthetic you envision. Visual appeal aside, new siding can also help insulate your home and protect it from damage, which makes us siding a wonderful investment for many reasons.

At RonOvations, we offer a range of siding options for your home in Winnipeg Manitoba Canada. This includes insulated vinyl house siding with notable features such as:

  • A special foam backing that will help insulate your home, block outside noise, and reinforce the siding against impact damage several times better than siding without foam
  • Extra-long panel lengths that can reduce the number of seams on your home’s exterior
  • An extra-thick, fold-over nail hem will help keep the siding attached to your home despite storm-force wind

There are advantages to different types of siding. Steel siding is durable, low maintenance, and fire, water, and insect-resistant. In fact, even in the most intense storm, your steel siding will remain intact since it’s virtually indestructible, and it will pay for itself in the long run. Steel siding is also easy to wash: Simply spray it down with a hose.

Vinyl siding is also durable and low maintenance. Additionally, it’s affordable, flexible, and retains its color for many years. The chemicals used in vinyl siding make it weather-resistant, rust-proof, and nearly impossible to crack or fade in the sun. And, like steel siding, it’s simple to keep clean with some water and a light detergent. Vinyl siding can be easily retrofitted to an existing house.

Cedar siding is great if you love the look of wood siding but need something tough and long-lasting. Compared to other wood sidings, cedar is the most durable, and it’s bacteria, mildew, and rot-resistant. It’s also aesthetically pleasing, comes in a variety of finishes, environmentally friendly (thanks to minimal processing), and provides insulation to keep you cool in the summer and cozy in the winter.

Cement board siding is extremely durable, plus we can provide it pre-primed and pre-finished. Since cement board siding is moldable, it comes in a variety of styles like stucco and wood grain, giving you both the look and the durability you want from your siding. Cement board siding absorbs paint, so the color will not fade for many years. It’s also insect, water, wind, and fire-resistant. Sure, cement board siding will cost you a little more up front, but given its durability; it will last as long as your house remains standing.

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